Flo – g./v., Hol – dr./v., Joe  – b./v.

bandfoto2Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you put one guy into a bunker in total absence of sunlight and then you lock the door and throw away the key? I guess he would become Gollum in some way. Well, we have three of them in this story. Now imagine them being in this bunker stacked full with instruments and other musical equipment getting absolutely nuts. As a matter of fact these guys really do exist. And they make music. Hmmm – music in some way…

Having completely different backgrounds like Metal, Emo-Punk and Ska their psycho-narcotic sessions result in a sound you definitely would not expect: Ultraheavy, attacking, gloomy, monolithic, grumpy, stubborn and trollenbergish with songs about life, death and all the rest. But due to years of experience in other bands they know what they want and how to achieve it. Being a perfect unit as a three-piece they didn’t want to involve another person as a singer but to split vocals between each other. A wise decision at the end as no one else can represent their style better than the band themselves. And of course it makes those fucked-up songs sound even more diverse.

After months of isolation they somehow managed to escape from the bunker. With them comes their first double- EP “ORCHID / DAHLIA”. And hopefully you’ll see them live on stage somewhere near, when The Trollenberg Terror comes to eat your brains out!!!


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