Avverkad (raw d-beat crust punk from Berlin)
          Bluntshit (MhüllCrustPunk from Berlin/Neubrandenburg
Dis Disaster (Izrahell d-beat metal punk from Berlin/Tel Aviv-Yafo)
Dört Birds (HC punk from Berlin)
Earth Crust Displacement (up to fuck the world in 25 min/Berlin)
Feast (fast HC punk from Berlin)
Gash, The (trashiger black metääääääl from Börlin)
G.A.U. (raw punk band from Berlin)
Gelogene Sonne (punk crust doom from Potsdam)
Guideline D.A. (trashy hc-punk from Berlin)
Grott (HC crustpunk mit ner death und metal Kante / Berlin)
Hobosexualz (Power violence from Berlin)
Jehacktet (finest ultra brutal utta-utta-grind from Berlin)
J.H.K. (Powerviolence from Potsdam)
Kasper Hauser (great oldschool hc-punk from Eisenach)
Knattertones, The (ska-punk-reggae from Berlin)
Kyffpack (crust ‘n’ weed from da Berlin city)
Natural born grinders (technical death grind)
Maggot Shoes (like thousend clubs knocking on your head – great shit from Nürnberg)
Shrike (black metal dreams from Berlin)
Trollenberg Terror, The (death grunge aus Berlin)
Turtle Rage (crazy turtles shredding fastcore/ Berlin)
Urgent Fury (oldschool punkrock aus Berlin)


Heartfirst Records (blasting archiv of hc-, and raw punk shit that makes the world the worst place in universe)
Rawmantic Disasters Records (premium diy label for hc, crust, rawpunk, etc. located in Berlin)
Trümmer Pogo (brilliant label and shop for punk, hc, d-beat, etc. from Berlin)
Wahnfried Records (a man who´s got nothing but all the legendary punk records you´re looking for so long)
W.I.F.A.G.E.N.A. Records (hc, doom, grind label with lots of releases/Dresden)


Dirty Immigrant (partners and friends who are hosting great shows for greater bands in Berlin)
Sleaze Shows DIY Booking (old friends of fleshbug; they doing a lot of shows/Berlin)


Moving Sounds (master p. records in the “Unholy Chambers”, in your practice room, on toilet or wherever you want/Berlin)
Soffocazzo (the fleshbug family; the one and only zombie thrash movie production from Berlin)
TrimTabTapes (tape production the old way with awesome designs/Berlin)


Maximum Rocknroll (number one punk fanzine since 1977 from San Francisco)
Skrutt Magazine (most famous undergrund fanzine from Sweden, since 1984)
Tubera (famous czech webzine for hc, metal, etc.; located in Liberec)


Tobi´s Thrash Guitars (a man who rebuilds guitars to weapons of mass destruction – beware!!!)