Flyer and Lineup for Auenland Festival

Auenland Fest 2014Et voila, and here we´ve got the flyer for the Auenland Festival incoming weekend (18th-20th). Sad but true, Kyffpack canceled! But no worries, there are still a lot of great bands ;-).

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KYFFPACK and FEAST at AJZ Neubrandenburg Part 2

feast_kyffpack_neubrThe Fleshbug Crew would like to thank the people from the AJZ Neubrandenburg, especially Ramon (Bluntshit), for the great evening, the food and the fun we had yesterday. Hope the AJZ will keep his head up high. Fleshbug, Feast and Kyffpack will support the club as much as they can. Thanks for all you people gave and we see next time, cheers and respect! – The Fleshbug Crew


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FEAST and KYFFPACK at AJZ Neubrandenburg

AJZ 2014On Juli 15th FEAST and KYFFPACK are playing together at the AJZ in Neubrandenburg. It´s gone to be part of the 20th anniversary party of the club. The house is also threated by gentrification, so it´s important to show solidarity and respect! The show will start at 9 pm.

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komaf_2014_2Don´t forget to see VIOLENT FRUSTRATION and THE KILL from Melbourne at the Koma F on Juli 21th. Start is 10 pm, Entry should be 5 € or less. Anyway, check this out!

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KYFFPACK live at the Koma F

komaf_2014Fleshbugs originals KYFFPACK anounced a show at the Koma F in Berlin together with CHAOSFRONT from Westerwald on Juli 26th. The show starts at 10 pm for the price of 3-5 bucks. Check this shit out!

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New TURTLE RAGE Recordings


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rote_insle_2014Next Saturday (June 28th) GUIDELINE D.A., KYFFPACK and the almighty TOURETTE ATTACK gonna destroy Schöneberg, fuuuuck!!!
BTW: Shows with GUIDELINE D.A. are extremely rare shit! So you better get your trendy hipstercrust-arse up and enjoy that gig or you will count yourself lucky if they are willing to keep you alive, maggot!!!

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Concerto di Solitarieta per ANDREA e Dinuncia contro il Fascismo

scherer 2014_2Hey people, here you get an invitation to a solidarity show for Andrea, an italian brother, who was killed by fascists a few days before. With this show we want to pay respect to him and the antifascist community worldwide. Please do the same and join us tomorrow. This one is gone to be about friendship and the mutual fight against hate in everyone´s mind! See and listen to THE TROLLENBERG TERROR, KYFFPACK, TOURETTE ATTACK and FEAST. Date: June 13th, Begin: 9 pm!
The show is an update of the SLEAZE event the same day and now a Fleshbug cooperation with Sleaze Shows DIY Booking and Hardcore Apocalypse Survivors (facebook community).

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Down and Dirty – The Great Bugfuck #6

wuhlheide 2014Here we go with Fleshbugs 6th Bugfuck. This time we have NAZARENO EL VIOLENTO from Mexico, TURTLE RAGE and TERROR RAPE from Berlin. Place to be is the Wagendorf Wuhlheide e.V. Date is June 11th and the show begins at 9 pm. For 3 bucks you´ll get a blast of violent fast terrorcore, so check this out! Join the Great Bugfuck!!!

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Johnnyhatkrätze in the KuZe / Potsdam – CANCELED!!!

KuZeJOHNNYHATKRÄTZE, BLUESBREAKER and P.I.T.S. will fuck you up at June 15th in the “KuZe – Studentisches Kultutzentrum” in Potsdam. Doors will open at 6 pm and begin is at 9 pm. Be sure to get there early!

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