fleshbug records #010

GUIDELINE D.A. / FEAST – Split, Tape

GDA-Feast Cover web“Was lange währt, wird endlich scheisse!”

Regarding the fact that this split, which originally was planned to be released on wax in 2013 with other cover art (you can see the original one on FEASTs bandcamp –> click on the cover)  is now -with a 2 year delay- released on tape, you could call it “Chinese Democracy of nowadays berlin hc-punk”… I don’t know wtf did happen there! But what I can tell you is that the quality of this release, how it’s been made now, is not less than the quality of the planned one! The songs on both sides are rippin fierce hc-punk-ragers and for sure NOT digitally remastered. And the silk-screen-crafted cover art includes a picture of GUIDELINE D.A.s bass player Rotzer shortly after his teeth had a not smooth-but painfull encounter with a curb… Beautyfull.

fleshbug records #009

BHUG LIFE – Sampler #2, CD

Bhug lifedescription following

fleshbug records #008

FEAST – st, Tape (re-release)

feasttapeThis is the re-release of the in 2012 originally on CD selfreleased album on tape. Despite it’s, skipping the 2011 Demo, Feast’s first output, the issues the songs deal with (like racist towerblock-hillbillyism in east germoney, state opression, mainstream society’s stupid glorifying of war and other human abysses) didn’t lost anything in actuallity and bitterness.

fleshbug records #007

THE GASH – Ausgedörrt, Tape, CD

12107879_960905230619878_285820851452524627_nBeside a lot of demos, “Ausgedörrt” ist the first full length album of our beloved “The Gash”. It is a great mix of virtous Trash- and Blackmetal. With nice guitar riffs, hard rockin drumming, rollin basslines and great voices its a to the detail produced album. All songs will stick in your ear and stay there for ever. “Ausgedörrt” was recorded in the band rehearsal room in March 2014. One year later after a creative process producing this peace of gold it was released in September 2015.  Also the artwork from the cover was painted by 2 members of the band.. DIY stay alive!!

fleshbug records #006

TURTLE RAGE – Chambers of Peace, Tape, Download

TURTLE RAGE Chambers of Peace CoverFastcore that will shred your arse out of your stinky socks!!! It’s the 3rd output of these 3 martial art-hc-punk reptiles from berlin. The tape contains, besides Chambers of Peace, TURTLE RAGEs first 2 outputs –Sticking Knifes and Collapse Of Confidence. That means you get 30 under-one-minute thrasher which will crush your ears like your bones would (propably) when you get hit by a bullet train! Ouch!!!

fleshbug records #005

JOHNNYHATKRÄTZE – Aufgeklärter Absolutismus, Tape, Download

JHK are a Berlin/Potsdam based 4 piece Powerviolence band. The aim of the band is to point out fucked up things in society around us, in or home town and in humanity in general… They are pissed off about rich bastards who rebuild Prussian monuments and just close their eyes to the obvious militaristic, monarchistic and absolutistic statements of these buildings. The album title, therefore, “Aufgeklärter Absolutismus” (which means: Enlightened Absolutism) aims toward the absolutist structures in which we still live: the Capitalistic Absolutism!

fleshbug records #004

BUG TO THE FUTURE – Sampler #1, CD

BugToTheFuture_150dpiFleshbug´s first compilation gives you kind of report about the underground HC-Punk actions of the year 2014. Most of these over 20 bands are friends, supporting our work. We´re proud to present high quality sound plus a booklet with all the lyrics, contacts and shit you need to know. A big thank you goes to Henne for the great cover artwork! In exchange to 5 € and you´ll get a CD full of blasting hc-punk from the depths of Berlin´s basements. For more information click on the cover.

fleshbug records #003

THE TROLLENBERG TERROR – We´ll be out of Prision by Midnight, Tape, CD, Download


After debuting with their EPs Orchid and Dahlia in 2013, We’ll Be Out Of Prison By Midnight is the third release by Berlin heroes THE TROLLENBERG TERROR. Stomping through a variety of genres, the trio remains true to their roots: Sludge, Grindcore, Death Metal, Rock, tons of riffs and hooklines galore. Each member of the trio sings, which vocalwise adds seasonings from sweet to hot and spicy to the mini-album. Recorded and engineered by THE TROLLENBERG TERROR themselves and supervised by bassist Jörg, the opus is nothing but good friendly and violent fun, well-crafted and certainly with an edge. They call it Death Grunge. Now it’s up to you to give it a name!

fleshbug records #002


coverHere we go with the second FLESHBUG output. This timeFeastFinal_klein feastcore legends FEAST made a 7″ split with their buddies from VÄTERCHEN FRUST. Recorded in november 2013 and released in early 2014 this record beats you up with 6 tracks and a lyric sheet that is made in the tradition of oldschool cut and paste handwork. The vinyl is protected by a simple paper sleeve and a plastic bag. All in all you´ll get this limited (200 pcs) carrier of hardcore sound for the price of 5 €.

 fleshbug records #001


cover_kyffpackAfter the KYFFPACK demo from 2012 the band released this 7″cover_enpsychro split record together with cyprus` one and only crust band ENPSYXRO. The record contains 5 tracks. It´s pressed in black, got a simple folder and a lyric sheet in a plasic bag. You´ll get this piece of dark gold for the price of 5 €. By the way, this is the first FLESHBUG release.


PREKÄRES AUS BÄRSTADT – Ach- und Krachgeschichten ohne Knut, Tape, CD

300dpi_print_cover_bandcampThis tape is a cooperation between MadSystemRecords and FLESHBUG and is a collection of bands that are playing in the berlin underground hc-, crust-, punk- and grindszene this time. The sampler includes 36 tracks from more than 15 bands with partly still unreleased songs. You can find the tapes at the FLESHBUG merch or you can order for 4 €.